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Arden, Domain & Parkville Station

Project Description


Stowe VIC approached us to devise a modular solution for a high-end railway station in Melbourne CBD, emphasizing a “Plug and Play” system.


Our goal was to create a tailored lighting and power system for the project, offering modular products for all light fittings on circuits employing 2.5mm and 4mm Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables, adaptable to a 10mm fire-rated cable.


We adapted our tooling for LSZH cable, introduced preliminary solutions using Plug bases, and incorporated Low Smoke Zero soft-wired backbone leads in specific project areas. Specialized mounting brackets were designed and manufactured. We delivered 4500 lighting luminaire leads, 4500 T20 Plug bases, and 60km of LSZH cable.


Our bespoke solution led to substantial on-site labor savings, minimizing the need for extensive work with LSZH cable. On-site tool wear and tear were significantly reduced. We optimized the supply chain, offering a streamlined, turn-key solution for the entire project.

ClientStowe VIC
Project ScopeLow Smoke Zero Halogen cable solution, using a plug and play system
LocationMelbourne Metro Rail, NSW
Products used4500 luminaire leads, 4500 t20 plug bases, 60km of Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable
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