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The MLEX product is a purpose-built modular wiring solution for electrical installs that truly puts the power back in your hands. Its ability to seamlessly adapt to practically every install application across almost any construction category is truly unique and can be attributed to the two key design principles established early in its development. “Make it comprehensive, but keep it simple”.

Thus, the MLEX product uses minimal parts to achieve maximum installations. It is compact and can go just about anywhere. It is scalable so it can be used to install a little (just light or power) or a lot (a full turnkey solution). The option to customise lead lengths allows for absolute precision and the rewireable range offers unrestricted flexibility and total control whilst installing on site.


From The Switchboard

The MLEX products allow electricians to now use a modular wiring solution from and including the switchboard out, this is achieved using MLEX products as per below.

Building the Backbone

The MLEX products replace manual terminations with a simple modular connection. The rewirable component of this range now offers its users total flexibility and control throughout the course of the install.

Incorporating Switching

The MLEX solution has a comprehensive array of switching options available using a combination of specialist products

Adding Accessories

Any off the shelf accessory such as a light fitting, switch plate or general power outlet can be modified to suit the MLEX solution by simply fitting one of our enabler fly leads