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The MLEX solution is a purpose-built modular wiring solution for electrical installations, offering unique control and versatility. It’s ability to seamlessly adapt to a wide range of installation scenarios across various construction types stems from two fundamental design principles established during it’s development: ”Make it comprehensive, but keep it simple.”

As a result, the MLEX system maximises installations with minimal components, boasting a compact design that fits almost anywhere. It’s scalability permits tailored installations, whether minimal (such as light and power) or extensive (full turn-key solutions). Customisable lead lengths ensure absolute precision, while the rewirable range offers unrestricted flexibility and control during on-site installation. 


From The Switchboard

The MLEX products allow electricians to now use a modular wiring solution from and including the switchboard out, this is achieved using MLEX products as per below.

Building the Backbone

The MLEX products replace manual terminations with a simple modular connection. The rewirable component of this range now offers its users total flexibility and control throughout the course of the install.

Incorporating Switching

The MLEX solution has a comprehensive array of switching options available using a combination of specialist products.

Adding Accessories

Any off the shelf accessory such as a light fitting, switch plate or general power outlet can be modified to suit the MLEX solution by simply fitting one of our enabler fly leads.