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CSL Hawara

Project Description


Faced with stringent timelines throughout the project duration, our team navigated the challenges with precision and strategic planning.


Supply a plug and play system to reduce installation time on-site and decrease the risk of commissioning faults to be able to meet tight timelines.


Provide a full set of shop drawings for DALI lighting using our WireByClick modular system, and a comprehensive schedule of feeds up to 115m+ using MLEX including board enablers.


Successfully delivered a soft-wired solution across 16 levels, establishing seamless connections from switchboards to light fittings and power sub-circuits. This not only met the demanding project deadlines but also underscored our commitment to delivering innovative and reliable electrical infrastructure solutions.

ClientPrime Electrical & Data
Project Scopesoft-wired modular solution
LocationMelbourne, VIC
Products usedMLEX, WireByClick (DALI)
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