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Myer Marion

Project Description


MyModular were approached by EQUANS to develop a 3Pin modular wiring solution for department store lighting, which could be rolled out within a very tight time frame. The configuration of the emergency circuitry also provided an additional level of complexity to cable reticulation pathways in the celling.


Our task was to deliver a comprehensive 3pin modular wiring solution within a tight timeframe, meeting Equans’ specific requirements for the project.


planned things out carefully, made sure we used our resources wisely, and kept everything running smoothly with great coordination.


The project’s location in South Australia allowed us to significantly reduce lead times, ensuring the smooth progression of each phase within the required timeframes. This successful collaboration not only showcased our ability to meet tight deadlines but also demonstrated our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to our customers needs.

Project ScopeRefurbishment
LocationOaklands Park, SA
Products usedWireByClick 3Pin
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