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The WireByClick solution has been designed and developed by electricians for electricians, in particularly for the electrical installation of commercial and retail lighting. The prewired, modular leads make installation onsite faster and simpler whilst eliminating wiring faults as all products are testing the factory before being dispatched to site.

In our WireByClick stable we have a 3core solution which is generally used for 240V standard lighting installations in shopping centres, small offices, hospitals, schools, residential buildings etc. and a 5core solution with are typically used for smart lighting installations like DALI and KNX in large commercial installations and hospitals etc. These products have been around for nearly a decade now and installed on over 100 commercial projects nation wide including the NRAH in Adelaide and the 3 x Barangaroo Commercial Towers in Sydney just to mention a couple.

Please see below the three (3) main installation stage of our solutions and some of the associated products often used to complete these:



The WireByClick solutions has several starters available including a hardwired outlet at the first fitting of the circuit or a modular feed that runs all the way back to the switchboard.

Building the Backbone

We have both 3core and 5core interconnecting leads that can also integrate with each other for hybrid solutions where there is a combination of standard switching and smart lighting.

Luminaire Leads

Our 3core range has been designed to accommodate standard Australian 3Pin plugs, unfortunately there is no standard when it comes to smart lighting (5Pin) so we have developed our own comprehensive smart luminaire leads to make installation onsite easy