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Complete modular solutions, starting at the switchboard through to power points, lights and switches

Commercial modular wiring solutions for smart lighting installations

Extra low voltage, safe, re-usable plug and play solutions for temporary construction lighting

Manufactured Locally

Proudly Australian designed and made modular electrical products

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Australian Made Cable

We only use certified, Australian made cable on all our backbone leads

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All of our products are completely certified to all relevant standards

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  • Throughout the quoting, design, shop drawing and delivery processes MyModular were always efficient, and responsive.
    Quality of product is very high and all components are pre-tested.
    Our teams made substantial savings on installation time which, on a project this large and fast, is paramount. The drawings provided made the installation easy as well as quick.

    Phil Hooper
    Project Manager - Stowe Australia
  • The MyModular system works really well with the install methods that we’re used to and incorporates the specified lighting systems easily. The soft wiring between floor boxes makes install really simple and saves us time.

    Geoff Tabone
    Project Manager - Prime Electrical and Data
  • The bedroom power installation worked very well with the custom designed packaging and labelling solution. The drawings were done to a high standard.

    Brent Davis
    Site Supervisor - Downer EDI Engineering Electrical
  • MyModular’s MLEX range allowed for efficient rough-in of power and helped us stay ahead of a tight construction program on this project.
    Commissioning faults were almost non-existent with the Pre-Enabled system employed from the switchboard to each final outlet.
    Early engagement during the design phase ensured the solution was tailored to the project whilst onsite the product was user friendly and simple to install.

    Stowe Australia
  • The solution is adaptable making accommodating change easy and quick. We also used the MLEX range for the switchboards which meant install time was dramatically reduced and gave us flexibility for the future.

    Rob Dixon
    Project Manager - Stowe Australia
  • The Australian made product was very reliable and the fact that it was made locally meant it was just 4 weeks from order to delivery.

    Mark Osborne
    Design Manager - Nilsen
  • The pre terminated, pre-tested and labelled cables take the guess work and human error out of the equation, minimise wastage and are a simple to install which saves the business time and money at the back end of the project with reduced labour costs.

    Jonpaul Bourke
    Project Manager - Stowe Australia
  • The product went in quick but what really impressed was the time we saved during commissioning. There were simply no faults to fix.

    Andrew Aquilina
    Regional Manager - Downer EDI Engineering Electrical
  • Real easy to work with and the products and service are first rate quality

    Bernie Campbell
    Project Manager - Shepherd Electrical
  • The MyModular ELV Temporary lighting system is quick and easy to install and then remove at completion of the project. The ELV emergency battens meet the requirements set out for Lighting and Luminaires in AS/NZS 3012:2019. We found the team at MyModular to be very responsive and helpful to deal with.

    Luke Power
    Project Manager - New Edge Group
  • Using the MyModular flexible cable for feeds from the local DB was around 50% faster than using stranded cable.

    Russell Sirsen
    Site Forman - Downer EDI Engineering and Electrical
  • The efficiency and simplicity of the ELV-Lite system has provided us with both a solution and an investment

    Nathan Hemmings
    Project Manager - Stowe Australia
  • Perigon needed an ELV solution for one of our major projects. After looking at a number of proposals, MyModular were able to provide the solution. MyModular ELV wiring provides exceptional labour savings, flexibility to add, reduce or divert wiring looms along with fitting performance which excels competitors.

    Tom Luke
    Project Manager - Perigon
  • Stowe is proud to have used MyModular’s WireByClick product on this project.
    They are an Australian company and that’s important to us and our team.
    The products were simple to use, the plug-and-play design significantly reduced the install time, allowing us to expedite works in areas that wouldn’t be possible with traditional wiring systems.

    Michael Bruns
    Project Manager - Stowe Australia
  • The MyModular ELV solution has been fantastic, we’ve used others, but these are far superior in every way. Onsite we have literally had no issues with them at all and will certainly be using these moving forward on all of my projects

    Michael McGeehan
    Project Manager - Heyday Group
  • The solution was implemented for two reasons: Maintenance efficiency for the client, and project programme risk mitigation. We have assessed a saving during the 1st and 2nd fix stages of 35-40%. It is my honest opinion that the complete solution installed on the Oval Hotel assisted Nilsen in mitigating its time risk at the end of the project.

    Michael Hodby
    Project Manager - Nilsen Australia
  • The ELV ‘plug and play’ feature makes for a fast and safe install with a minimum of fuss

    Brendan Parameter
    Site Manager - Star Group
  • The MyModular marked up drawings allowed me to approve all of the designs in advance and gave our team an installation blueprint to use when the stock arrived to site

    Andrew Aquilina
    Project Manager - Downer EDI Engineering and Electrical

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