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The ELV-Lite products have been developed specifically to create a safer and more efficient environment on construction sites by delivery a re-usable temporary lighting solution that operates on a ‘Safe’ voltage of less than 50VAC. This really is the complete package, are control boards offer superior safety with three (3) layers of protection, our leads utilise the MLEX connectors coupled with Tycab Australian made, certified cables ensuring the highest of quality and finally our lights are purpose built utilising the best components and delivery higher outputs than their 240V equivalents.

Safer + Re-usable + No Compromise in quality… it has to be a no brainer!

Please see below the three (3) main components that make up a typical ELV-Lite solution:



The safest temporary solution all starts with the supply board. Our boards have been designed and developed here in Australia specifically for our market.


Our ELV-LIte solution utilises the best connectors and cable on the market delivering a high-quality installation that is reusable, flexible and fast.


We have partnered with market leading LED manufacturers to develop dedicated 46VAC light fittings,so we can deliver the ultimate turnkey ELV solutions for our customers.