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Calvary Adelaide Hospital

Project Description

With a total construction budget of $345 million, the Calvary Adelaide Hospital is a state-of-the-art, high quality private hospital providing 344 single hospital beds plus facilities for an additional 62 Day Patient beds. With a site area of 57,000sqm, the Calvary Adelaide Hospital is 12 floors plus 3 basement levels with a 24/7 Emergency Department and a Rehabilitation Wing including a pool and garden. The Calvary Adelaide Hospital is the largest private hospital ever built in South Australia and provides Adelaide with an exceptional new medical facility in the heart of the CBD.

The project scope included 12 floors and 1 basement level which equated to more than 11,000 DALI light fittings in total. The WireByClick 5PIN modular lighting loom solution was supplied for all general lighting throughout. Specially designed Mlex solutions were provided to 281 patient rooms throughout the hospital, incorporating all essential and non-essential circuits.

“Lesson Learnt: Rough in at soffit level for the light installation outweighs the additional product cost. 

The purchasing of the Bakerlite through MyModular saved time and ensured availability on site.”

Brent Davis – Site Supervisor – Downer EDI Engineering Electrical

ClientDowner EDI Engineering Electrical
Project Scope281 Patient Rooms and 11,000 + Light fittings total
LocationAdelaide, SA
Products used30,000 + MyModular Products
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