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Wurundjeri Underpass

Project Description


Our team proposed an alternative design using modular connections to improve the functionality and flexibility of a customer’s junction boxes after reviewing their technical drawings. The customer approved our proposal, and we began manufacturing the necessary components.


Make sure the new design of the junction boxes offered flexibility and ease of maintenance. Overall improving the functionality of the junction boxes. Making sure the customer was satisfied with the final products and level of service from our team.


We manufactured the components for the new design, including the junction boxes and interconnecting looms, and tested them thoroughly to ensure they met the highest standards of quality and functionality.


Our team’s proposed alternative design using modular connections provided a solution that exceeded the customer’s expectations, improving the functionality of the junction boxes. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction ensured a successful outcome.

ClientNilsen VIC
Project ScopeCreate a customer specific modular product
LocationDocklands, Victoria
Products used36 junction boxes, 682 luminaire leads, 305 interconnecting leads over 34looms.
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