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727 Collins Street Tower 2

Project Description

“We had zero product faults with the WBC gear which was great given the product (competitor) we used on Tower 1 had 20+ faults.”

Project Manager – KLM Electrical



This 38 storey office tower recognized as a grade A, quality office space. Lighting products are re-tested to avoid unnecessary wait times, making for a quick and easy lighting installation.


Use WBC products to provide lighting to 23 levels of the tower. Provide marked up drawings in advance. Create an affordable and effective designed lighting, with an ease of modifying and reinstallation.


Provide 6,880 total light fittings across 23 floors, on a delivery schedule for 11 deliveries over a 7 month period. All lights are pre tested to ensure zero product failures.


Made sure that all 11 deliveries across the 7 months were on time. Marked up drawings designed in advance with the project manager to ensure the most affordable and effective design was applied to the tower.

ClientKLM Electrical
Project Scope23 Levels + 6,880 DALI Light Fittings
LocationMelbourne, VIC
Products used15,000+ WBC Products
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