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Victoria Place

Project Description


In Melbourne’s East is a brand-new office building with 25,000 square meters. Victoria Place received a 5 Star Green Star Design certification and a 5.5 Star NABERS Energy rating. AppsElec was looking for a modular lighting solution that is quick and efficient to install.


A professionally installed low voltage, plug-and-play lighting system was implemented in the new space, effectively mitigating the risk of electrocution during and after construction. The use of a pre-tested modular lighting solution instilled confidence in its reliability and performance.


Over 3,000 WBC lighting solutions were supplied to the project, with all products locally manufactured, resulting in significantly reduced lead times.


The WBC lighting solution offered efficient and safe installation in Victoria Place. Locally manufactured and pre-tested, it reduced lead times while ensuring reliability. AppsElec now enjoys a low voltage, plug-and-play lighting system, promoting safety and energy efficiency.

Project ScopeProvide a modular lighting solution
LocationEast Melbourne, VIC
Products used3,000+ WBC
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