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Barangaroo (International Towers Sydney)

Project Description

 “Throughout the quoting, design, shop drawing and delivery processes MyModular were always efficient, and responsive. Quality of product is very high and all components are pre-tested.  Our teams made substantial savings on installation time which, on a project this large and fast, is paramount. The drawings provided made the installation easy as well as quick.”

Phil Hooper – Construction Manager – Stowe Australia



The Barangaroo Towers is Sydney’s largest urban renewal project which offers 280,000sqm of office space accommodation up to 23,000+ workers. Being such a large project, there was a push to utilises plug and play systems where possible to simplify installation.


Provide a modular lighting system that can be used as general lighting throughout which consisted of a combination of 5Pin and 3Pin modular lighting loom solutions. 


MyModular provided a full set of installation drawings for the entire modular wiring scope; which powered over 50,000+ DALI fittings for the base building and tenancy fit outs across the three office towers.


As all products were manufactured locally in Australia, material was delivered within 3-4 weeks from the design being completed.

ClientStowe Australia
Project Scope50,000+ DALI Light Fittings
LocationSydney, NSW
Products used130,000+ WBC Products, 300km of WBC Cable
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