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Gosford Hospital Redevelopment

Project Description

“The products are all pre-tested so there are no faults which makes commissioning significantly quicker onsite during a period of the project where time is critical.”

Rob Dixon – Project Manager – Stowe Australia



MyModular products were the first modular wiring solution to be approved by the NSW Health Infrastructure board for use on their projects including this one. The board understood the benefits of minimising disruption to live operations of the hospital during testing and while future modifications are being completed.


To provide a lighting solution that will be simple to handle and install on site. By using pre-terminated and pre-tested modular cables which are labelled clearly, the site team will be able to reduce labour costs and install sub circuit cabling in a timely manner.


A full set of circuited drawings provided with each tailored delivery for all 11-storeys.


MyModular provided over 20,000 DALI light fittings in total on the project. The pre-tested solution saved the customer substantial time and money at the back end during commissioning.

ClientStowe Australia
Project ScopeOver 20,000 DALI Light Fittings in total
LocationGosford, NSW
Products used30,000+ WBC & MLEX Products
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