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Joan Kirner Women’s & Children’s (Sunshine Hospital)

Project Description

‘’ The MyModular Team and their solutions added significant value throughout the project. From concept drawings through to deliveries on site, they worked closely with Stowe to tailor solutions which offered significant value for money.’’

Michael Bruns – Project Manager – Stowe Australia



The Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s at Sunshine Hospital consisted of several floors within in the project scope; including 20 labour delivery rooms and 39 special care nursery cots. Additionally, 55 existing acute adult inpatient beds also required to be refurbished and formed part of the project.


Due to the complex nature of the project, a modular plug and play system was desired to assist the install team with not only first fix and second fix installation, but with streamlined commissioning.


MyModular designed a custom lighting and power solution for the project; providing modular products to over 190 rooms across 7 floors.


10,000+ Light Fittings and 4,000+ GPO’s. A complete Power and Light solution using the MyModular products, reducing lead times from 12 weeks to 4 by using an Australian Made local modular cable manufacturer.


ClientStowe Australia
Project Scope190 Rooms with over 10,000 DALI Light Fittings and 3,000 GPO’s
LocationSt Albans, VIC
Products used36,000+ WBC and MLEX Products
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