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ANZ Meeting Rooms

Project Description


MyModular collaborate with XFrame to provide power and lighting solutions for ANZ meeting and breakout areas across multiple sites. The alignment of their environmentally conscious values with MyModular’s products.


We found that MLEX is best suited for this project scope as MLEX supplies both lighting and power all from one unit with its compact design. The ease of installation, which all our products are held to, made installation times shortened significantly.


Produced all the required products to Xframe across Australia to complete the ANZ meeting rooms and being South Australian manufacturers, lead times were significantly shortened.


Being a local manufacturer, we were able to deliver products with short lead times. Resulting in our customer meeting their deadlines with a breeze. Installation times were cut almost in half, with the help of our plug and play technology.

Project ScopeANZ Meeting Rooms
Location8 ANZ Branches Across Australia
Products usedMLEX for power and lighting
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